This is a unique identification system put in place with the express purpose of keeping you in touch with the ones you love. This system however, can also be used to identify virtually anything that the tag is attached to. The versatility of the system ensures you can accurately identify any person, animal or object  wearing the IDTAG.

The design of the tags are such that they can be hung on chains and collars, as well as be attached to anything that one would like to have easily identifiable if lost and found. They are manufactured with our web address and a unique identity number displayed on the face. If any person, pet or item is found, locating the owner or next of kin is but a mouse click away. The finder simply logs on to the IDTAG site and enters the unique IDTAG number. All the relevant information for locating the owner or next of kin will be accessible.

The information stored on the web will include owners details, next of kin details, best friend details, doctor/vet details, medical history, blood type, allergies and any other relevant information the owner wishes to have displayed. The owners address and identity number will however not be accessible.

With this system running, critical information is availiable 24 hours per day, seven days per week.




083 243 4026

Animal Tags @ R 60.00 each.